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Special Collections

  • Special Collection

    Politics of Truth

    Against the backdrop of the current debates on "post truth," this ongoing collection (edited by Gerald Posselt and Sergej Seitz) problematizes the relation of truth and politics, centering on Foucault's notion of a "politics of truth."

  • Special Collection

    Foucault meets Latour

    Dispositifs, discourses, networks, modes of existence: this ongoing collection (edited by Simon Ganahl and Patrick Kilian) confronts the thought of Michel Foucault and Bruno Latour by focusing on their conceptual toolboxes as well as their shared interest in the question of modernity.

  • Special Collection

    Algorithmic Governmentality

    This ongoing special issue (edited by Maurice Erb and Simon Ganahl) addresses the concept of "algorithmic governmentality", which impels us to examine recent advances in automated computing (e.g., recommender systems) from a Foucauldian perspective.

  • Special Collection

    Topologien der Erfahrung

    Starting from Deleuze's claim that the late Foucault was a topologist like Andrei Bely in his modernist novel Petersburg (1913/14), this ongoing special issue (edited by Simon Ganahl and Elena Vogman) collects research both on Foucault's spatial approaches and on literary topographies.

  • Special Collection

    Distant Reading and Discourse Analysis

    By comparing Franco Moretti's "distant reading" with Foucault's archaeological approach, this special issue (edited by Maurice Erb, Simon Ganahl, and Patrick Kilian) examines the question: Can historical discourse analyses be carried out with the aid of computers?

  • Special Collection

    Was heißt: Foucault historisieren?

    This special issue (edited by Maurice Erb, Simon Ganahl, and Cécile Stehrenberger) collects the papers and lectures delivered at the international conference "Was heißt: Foucault historisieren?" (What is: Historicizing Foucault?) at the University of Zurich from March 19 to 21, 2015.