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Special Collection

Topologien der Erfahrung

Collection launched: 06 Feb 2017

In his book Foucault, first published 1986 in French, Gilles Deleuze claims that "Foucault is not only an archivist in the manner of Gogol, or a cartographer in the manner of Chekhov, but a topologist in the manner of Bely in his great novel Petersburg" (trans. Seán Hand, Minneapolis 1988, p. 119). Why should Foucault's late work, to which Deleuze is referring in the quote, be a "topology"? And how is this connected to Bely's modernist novel from 1913/14? In order to illuminate these questions, our ongoing special issue on Topologies of Experience (edited by Simon Ganahl and Elena Vogman) collects research both on Foucault's spatial approaches and on literary topographies.

How to Cite: Simon Ganahl & Elena Vogman (eds.): "Topologien der Erfahrung", in: Le foucaldien, 3/1 (2017), URL: